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My name is Peter Sekula and I've been an experienced Senior Environmental Artist for over 12 years. In that time, I've worked on industry titles such as the Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon series, Rainbow Six series, Far Cry 4, and Tom Clancy's: The Division. I'm also the founder of my own Unity and Unreal Engine content development company, "Quantum Theory Entertainment." You can purchase all of my affordable content in the Unity Asset Store and Epic Marketplace. As an Art Director in the game industry, I feel it's paramount to creatively illustrate game design and thematic intentions through art. If one can create a sense of wonder or curiosity in the viewer, they've captured them and can guide them on an immersive journey through visual storytelling. But that adventure can only begin with special skills; Composing scenes from the camera's perspective, texturing them to get a high level of detail, then illuminating the scenes to portray the intended mood are all critical in standing out in a competitive market. In other words: I live for this sort of thing.


I make a living sharing my knowledge and making cool game dev art stuff. Learning how to do game art can be intimidating, but don't worry; I've got solutions that are fun and easy.

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I sell only awesome stuff in the Unity Asset Store and Epic Marketplace. No shovelware. Only shippable quality.

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Using Unity?

From Urban to Low Poly to Roman, I've developed some great Unity Asset Store art packages to help you realize your vision.

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Get the same awesome packs for the Unreal Engine in the Epic Marketplace

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Latest News


Rome: Fantasy Pack I VR

Experience Triple A in VR! Rome: Fantasy Pack I is in VR with this exclusive demo using Unreal Engine 4


Interview on Allegorithmic.com

My Rome: Fantasy Pack series completely relies on Allegorithmic’s software suite. In this interview, I talk about the process and offer tips and tricks along the way.


Interview on 80 Level

Kirill Tokarev was kind enough to interview me for an article on 80 Level. I spoke about my work experience, how I approach 3d art and materials, and some good traditional philosophies for developing artwork.

Rome - Source_RomeInsulae - SceneCamera - 2016-07-18 12-21-02 - 1920x1080x2

Rome: Fantasy Pack I

Rome: Fantasy Pack I is a complete, Triple-A quality environment pack set in Ancient Rome, focused on the middle to lower-class lifestyle in the grand city. Multi-floor dilapidated architecture, archways, brick and stone, iron and mud.


Unity Terrain Packs – Meshes or Heightfield

Desert, Alpine, and Rocky Terrains. Move, Scale, and Rotate them to Create a Dramatic Landscape Scene for Your Project.


Better Rocks and Cliffs

Everyone needs rocks! Take a close look at Better Rocks and Cliffs!


3D Cloud Models

Need More Drama? 3D Cloud Models are look great and are super flexible. Move them around, change their color and densities, and get the mood you want for a low cost on performance.


Urban Construction Pack

Built from the ground-up for mobile devices, the Urban Construction Pack is the definitive way to create the best looking and best optimized city environment for your projects.

low poly

PolyWorld – Low Poly Toolkits

The PolyWorld Series of Code and Art Packs are the de facto Standard for Developing Games in the Low Poly Faceted Art Aesthetic. The best part? All the art for your game is already made. Read on.


Advanced Texturing Methods in Photoshop

Grab Your Wacom Tablet and see what I’ve discovered about Environment Texturing in Photoshop.