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Unity Terrain Packs – Meshes or Heightfield

Desert, Alpine, and Rocky Terrains. Move, Scale, and Rotate them to Create a Dramatic Landscape Scene for Your Project.

Better Rocks and Cliffs

Everyone needs rocks! Take a close look at Better Rocks and Cliffs!

3D Cloud Models

Need More Drama? 3D Cloud Models are look great and are super flexible. Move them around, change their color and densities, and get the mood you want for a low cost on performance.

Urban Construction Pack

Built from the ground-up for mobile devices, the Urban Construction Pack is the definitive way to create the best looking and best optimized city environment for your projects.

low poly

PolyWorld – Low Poly Toolkits

The PolyWorld Series of Code and Art Packs are the de facto Standard for Developing Games in the Low Poly Faceted Art Aesthetic. The best part? All the art for your game is already made. Read on.

Advanced Texturing Methods in Photoshop

Grab Your Wacom Tablet and see what I’ve discovered about Environment Texturing in Photoshop.

Introduction to World Machine

Learn how to make stunning landscapes in your project with World Machine!

Substance – Base Stone Brick A

Sometimes you need just a plain stone wall.

Substance – Wicker A

This was fun to do. The wicker pattern was derived from the same techniques used to do the Canvas substance. Since the wicker pattern is lower frequency, you can dial in a greater amount of detail. For patterns like this, it’s super vital that you have a tile generator/random on the side that can do color randomness so you can later directionally warp the albedo map, making it look more 3d. This was my reference: Getting the shades of brown wasn’t too tough, but mixing in that purple proved to be challenging. Most of it was done via blending two […]

Substance – Base Canvas A

My first attempt at a canvas/burlap Substance. I initially started out trying to perfect the rounded yet soft stitching look that’s so characteristic of the material, but realized that when tiled you lose a great deal of detail. Once you get that look, it’s just a simple sprint to the finish line with coloring and wear.