3D Cloud Models

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3DCloud Models (Quantum MetaClouds) is a package of 15 photoreal billboard cloud models for use in Unity and Unreal. You can position them anywhere you like, rotate them, scale them. Since they are Game Objects, you can script them just like anything else.

The clouds can fit into any scene’s environment lighting by adjusting the ambient and sun colors of each cloud. You can also change the clouds’ density, contrast, and even fade/roll in the clouds to get the mood you want.All of the scene’s cloud parameters can be controlled by the included Editor Script in Unity or via BluePrint in Unreal.

There are a lot of atmospheric solutions out there, ranging from a scrolling 2-dimensional cloud texture to particle systems. Some of these have special, expensive parallax and/or normal map functionality that can give cool results, but are ultimately very limited in achieving a natural look to your scene. Not only that, but are very costly to render on mobile devices and low-end hardware.

If you want to have complete control over the composition and mood of your environments, then you need a solution that allows you to place photoreal clouds in specific places. For example, if you’re making an epic first-person rpg, you may want a really threatening, dark cloud over the distant mage tower. Or if you’re making a side scroller like a shootem-up, these clouds are perfect for hiding or revealing objects and giving a sense of speed as they scroll by. You just can’t get those options using an all-or-nothing 2D cloud layer.

Please note that these are not volumetric! They’re curved billboard meshes.