Tutorial – Roman Statue Textures

Go from dull to Triple A with this tutorial on creating high resolution carved Roman-inspired statue materials! You’ll be amazed how easy it is! No modeling or sculpting required.

cyrpess wood substance material

Breakdown – Cypress Wood Substance Material

Time for a complex one. Every environment artist needs a tree bark at some point. Cypress trees are iconic of Italian landscape, so it was fitting to construct a Cypress Wood Substance Material for my Rome: Fantasy Pack I project in Unity and Unreal. It turned out the heightmap came together pretty fast. Getting the albedo to look the way I wanted was the real challenge. Making sure the grey-to-reddish-to-tan transitioning felt right took some time. My custom nodes, Get Slope and Height Selector, are required for this exercise. Get them here: The Height Selector isolates pixels in a greyscale heightmap based on […]

wicker substance material

Breakdown – Wicker Substance Material

I needed a wicker substance material for all the baskets I was making for Rome: Fantasy Packs I and II. Substance Designer to the rescue! This one was 100% procedural. This was fun to do. Since the wicker pattern is lower frequency, you can dial in a greater amount of detail. For patterns like this, it’s super vital that you have a tile generator/random on the side that can do color randomness so you can later directionally warp the albedo map, making it look more 3d. Getting the shades of brown wasn’t too tough, but mixing in that purple proved […]

Interview on

My Rome: Fantasy Pack series completely relies on Allegorithmic’s software suite. In this interview, I talk about the process and offer tips and tricks along the way.

Advanced Texturing Methods in Photoshop

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Introduction to World Machine

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