Rome: Fantasy Pack II

Continuing the Rome Fantasy Pack series, Rome: Fantasy Pack II brings classical Roman exteriors and interiors to your Triple-A projects.

Rome: Fantasy Pack I

Rome: Fantasy Pack I is a complete, Triple-A quality environment pack set in Ancient Rome, focused on the middle to lower-class lifestyle in the grand city. Multi-floor dilapidated architecture, archways, brick and stone, iron and mud.

Unity Terrain Packs – Meshes or Heightfield

Desert, Alpine, and Rocky Terrains. Move, Scale, and Rotate them to Create a Dramatic Landscape Scene for Your Project.

Better Rocks and Cliffs

Everyone needs rocks! Take a close look at Better Rocks and Cliffs!

3D Cloud Models

Need More Drama? 3D Cloud Models are look great and are super flexible. Move them around, change their color and densities, and get the mood you want for a low cost on performance.

Urban Construction Pack

Built from the ground-up for mobile devices, the Urban Construction Pack is the definitive way to create the best looking and best optimized city environment for your projects.

low poly

PolyWorld – Low Poly Toolkits

The PolyWorld Series of Code and Art Packs are the de facto Standard for Developing Games in the Low Poly Faceted Art Aesthetic. The best part? All the art for your game is already made. Read on.

Introduction to World Machine

Learn how to make stunning landscapes in your project with World Machine!

Unity Blog: From Art Director to Asset Store Publisher

Unity was gracious in writing a wonderful blog post about my journey from AAA to self-employed. You can read it here:

Why? Because Zombies.

Being an asset publisher has its perks, one of which is seeing your content used in the wild. “Because Zombies” is a cool take on Tower Defense games. There’s a zombie attack occuring in the city and it’s your job to head it off (pun intended). Search for your daughter , utilizing attack dogs, explosive barrels, and a whole array of other zombie-killin’ tools. You progress through the environments placing the defenses the way you like all while watching the zombies march to their doom.T The developer, “DoubleSmoked Software,” utilized my Urban Construction Pack to create many of the levels […]