PolyWorld, for those who don’t know, is a suite of tools and 3D artwork to create a flat-shaded, faceted world right inside of the Unity engine. You can find out more about it at the main PolyWorld site. It’s a pretty powerful kit that produces some cool results. The release of Polyworld: Ancient East marks the second release in the series, the success of which will determine if the intellectual property needs to grow further. The whole idea came about after seeing many screenshots of indie games that had this simply-colored-yet-3d-look to them. Games like Monument Valley, Grow Home, Paper Fox, or […]

Free Download – Sceneview Booksmarks Script

When doing level design, I like to compose the scene from key angles that the player will always encounter. I need those views to be compelling; they could be large reveals, establishing shots, or hints at an objective. So moving around the sceneview, back and forth between those specific locations, is repetitive and annoying. To help this along, I’ve written a simple sceneview bookmarking editorscript in Unity. With a single click, the view with teleport to the position you saved. No more driving to that location with the mouse and keyboard. 3 view locations are supported. Just place this script […]

Free Download – IBL Shaders for Unity 4

Two Image-based lighting shaders authored in Shaderforge; One shader is just a simple diffuse. The other is diffuse, normal, specular, and specular mask. These are pretty simple and only affect the diffuse ambient. Two cool controls are intensity and contrast of the convolved ambient cubemap so you can fine tune your lighting. I’ve included a generic daytime ambient cubemap to get you going. What is Image-based Lighting? More info here: Note that if you’re using Unity 5 these shaders are redundant since Unity 5 already supports image-based lighting from the sky. Download

Rocky Hills Terrain Pack Updated

Lots of users have been asking for help with using the terrain packs for their first person/third person games. I’ve just updated the Rocky Hills Terrain Pack with custom splatmaps, seamless textures, a ReplaceSplatMap editorscript, and a new demo scene showing off what’s possible. The custom splatmaps are derived from the topography of the underlying terrain. You get rocks on sheer faces. Dirt on the erosion paths. A set of tiling textures for use on the Unity Terrains is included. Be sure to check it out on the Rocky Hills Asset Store page and the Rocky Hills project page.

Projects That Use My Work

It’s alwyas cool to see my work in a published game. Sometimes I get an email with a link to a game that contains the Urban Construction Pack or some terrain pack for sale on Google Play or the Appstore. I like seeing how people put that work to use and how it’s showcased. Of course some are better than others. I’m also encouraged when the games’ performance is good too. Race Stunt Fight 3 for Android and iOS is a game that uses quite a bit of my work. Race through cities, mountains and tunnels as you stunt your way […]

Tips for Using Terrain Packs as Unity Terrains

I get alot of requests and questions regarding using the terrain pack textures up close for first and third person games. Obviously, stretching any single texture over several hundred meters will result in severe loss in detail when the camera is just above it. The terrain packs as-is are great for backgrounds, but some extra steps are recommended for using them as playable, eye-level terrains. This is a shot of a Unity terrain from the Rocky Hills Terrain Pack. On such a large terrain, detail is lost up close. You can fix that by adding your own textures, tiling them, […]