Free Download – Seamless Rock

This lowpoly, seamless, normal mapped rock was modeled in ZBrush and textured in MudBox. It’s not a bad rock. I like the cracks and it lights well with IBL shaders. I just made a bunch of these and this one was left over. 2048 textures all around. As always, use this how you wish but please don’t resell it as your own. No support is given on the free art downloads. Download

Free Download – Wall

While working on my art projects, there is always significant time spent on learning how to do something better. There are many many different approaches to take when creating an art asset, so artists have to take some time to determine the best way to go. For example, I need to make a modular wall. Since it’s modular, it can be rotated so you can see all the sides except the bottom. I also want it to be high quality, so high resolution textures (diffuse and normal) are a requirement. As a personal preference, I want it to be completely seamless […]