Unity Terrain Packs – Meshes or Heightfield

Unity Asset Store Alpine Demo Rocky Hills Demo  Desert Demo

In Unity, when you create a standard terrain model, 4 or more tileable textures are painted along the topology of the model. By using this method, you’re guaranteeing that your terrain will have little to no relationship to the materials it contains. Terrain has hills, banks, erosion, and mountains, but painting all of this by hand makes getting a natural look quite difficult.

The models and textures in my terrain packs are 100% related to each other. That’s because they’re generated from a network of procedural noise functions which creates near-infinite detail and extremely hi-poly results. The fluvial lines in the diffuse and normal maps correlate to the valleys and hills in the mesh. Sand and sediment settle around the plateaus and bases of large and small rocks, but do so on a pixel level, so detail is very fine. Try the demos linked above to see for yourself!

Each pack contains the diffuse and normal maps for the terrains. You also get the terrains in a convenient mesh format at a very reasonable triangle count. These are great for placing in the background of your game. 16bit raw files are included if you wanted to use them on Unity Terrains or as a stamp in Gaia.

As an added bonus, you also get a free skybox in each pack! Cloud shown in the screenshots and videos are my 3D Cloud Models (not included).