Why? Because Zombies.

Being an asset publisher has its perks, one of which is seeing your content used in the wild.

Because Zombies” is a cool take on Tower Defense games. There’s a zombie attack occuring in the city and it’s your job to head it off (pun intended). Search for your daughter , utilizing attack dogs, explosive barrels, and a whole array of other zombie-killin’ tools. You progress through the environments placing the defenses the way you like all while watching the zombies march to their doom.T

The developer, “DoubleSmoked Software,” utilized my Urban Construction Pack to create many of the levels you play. The pack proved successful in that it kept the framerate high without sacrificing quality. The modular nature also allowed DoubleSmoke to iterate on level design, finding the right balance between fun and difficulty.

You should definitely check out this game. “Because Zombies” is available for android and iOS.