Advanced Texturing Methods in Photoshop

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In this course, I’ll take you through the techniques I’ve used and refined over the years to help me create very high quality, high resolution tiling photoreal diffuse textures using only Photoshop. I’ll start by explaining all the techniques individually, then move on to showing how I use all the techniques to take a texture from start to finish. The PSD of which is included in the course.

Best results are achieved using a pressure-sensitive tablet. Many techniques shown here don’t require the latest version of Photoshop.

The course won’t take hours to complete and you’ll see results immediately. I’m confident the methods I use aren’t found anywhere else online, so I’m certain you’ll learn something new!

What are the Requirements?

  • A version of Photoshop CS.
  • A good, working knowledge of Photoshop CS.
  • Pressure-sensitive Tablet (optional, but highly encouraged)

What am I Going to Get from this Course?

  • Over 19 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
  • Achieve more natural, photoreal textures
  • Attain an incredible amount of fine detail quickly and effortlessly.
  • Become more comfortable with using Photoshop’s unique toolset to get the look you want.
  • Tile that texture far better than before.
  • Paint manually with a brush set constructed for texture artists in mind.

What is the Target Audience?

  • This course is targeted specifically for 3D Artists, be it film or video game, who want to really boost their photoreal texturing capabilities inside Photoshop.
  • Lesson 5 is especially handy for Zbrush and Mudbox users.
  • Graphic Designers may also see benefits since the tools used can assist them in their work.
  • The course works with photo-sourced textures. If you only work with hand painted or cartoony textures, this course may only provide minimal benefit.
  • The course is for advanced users of Photoshop. If you’re completely new, you might be a bit lost as you watch.


  1. Loading the Custom Brush Set
  2. Layer Masking
  3. Correctly Tiling a Texture pt. 1
  4. Correctly Tiling a Texture pt. 2
  5. Smart Objects for Repeating Decoration
  6. The Powerful Blend-If
  7. Methods for Extracting Foliage
  8. Revealing Hidden Details in Your Image
  9. The Benefit of Clipping Masks
  10. Harmonize Textures with Match Color
  11. Professionally Transplanting Texture Elements
  12. Find Detail Painting
  13. Texture Project: Tile and Base Setup
  14. Texture Project: Adding Base and Damaging
  15. Texture Project: Cracking the Tiles
  16. Texture Project: Color Exploration
  17. Texture Project: Layering Other Textures for More Detail
  18. Texture Project: Adding Moorish Patterns


Roy Lo via Udemy.Com Gives it 5 stars:

“Pete goes into great depths in showing techniques to create great textures, and I must admit that a lot of the techniques shown were simple but yet effective and powerful. If you are looking to create or modify your own textures, this is a course that you should take. Highly recommended. Thanks Pete, I have learnt a lot!”

Philip Jensen via Udemy.Com Also Gives it 5 stars:

this course is very insightful in providing a lot of useful and core techniques to make textures from various tools and imagery all in photoshop! I highly recommend it if you wish to grasp and master blending textures together for your project to make awesome game sceneries.