Rome: Fantasy Pack I

Desktop Versions

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Mobile Versions

Unity (Mobile)Android APK Demo

*Please note that to play the Android demo on your device, you must enable Unknown Sources installation. Goto Settings->Security->Unknown Sources.

VR Demos

Unreal Engine 4 VR Demo

Only marginal changes have been made to the demo map included in the UE4 version of Rome: FP1. All lighting has been baked, but more parallax surfaces are enabled.

Rome: Fantasy Pack I is a complete, Triple-A environment pack set in Ancient Rome, focused on the middle to lower-class lifestyle in the grand city. Multi-floor dilapidated architecture, archways, brick and stone, iron and mud.

Unity 5 Desktop version:

Unreal Engine 4 version:


  • Extensive Modularity; walls, doors, roofs, stairs.. Use the prefabricated architecture and facades to develop your vision, or construct a custom building piece-by-piece with the included mesh library.
  • 100% Physically Based: all surfaces utilize the capabilities of the Standard Shader.
  • Special Shaders: wetness, stains, and even decal shaders. All effects can be painted with vertex colors.
  • No Photo-sourced Textures: Rome is built using the cleanest, sharpest material data possible via custom Substance Designer and Substance Painter workflows. No more blurry, high contrast, photo-sourced images that are double compressed and sent through a destructive image process.
  • Artifact-free Normal Mapped Objects: Enjoy beautiful props with clean, custom normal maps from high poly sculpts.
  • Huge Library of Props: Roman pottery, bowls, barrels, blacksmith tools, and so much more.
  • Area-weighted Normals: get the smoothest geometry and lighting by modified vertex normals.
  • Sensible Geometry Detail: all objects are modeled with next-gen in mind, but with LODS and a sensible triangle count for desktop and console GPUs.
  • Demo Scene: Of course!
  • Unparalled Support: Got issues? Need some help? Shoot me an email using the address at the top. Don’t forget your invoice number as proof of purchase!

Here is a sample of some high res, normal mapped props included in the pack. What you see in the sketchfab preview is what you get in the pack.

Unreal Engine Screenshots:

Unity Screenshots:


Ready to get started on the pack? Pick your engine version and enjoy!

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