Introduction to World Machine

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“Introduction to World Machine”covers everything you need to put you on a solid foundation to construct your own high quality terrains for film or video games.

Guaranteed to be the most exhaustive fundamental overview of World Machine’s toolset online, I’ll cover the effects of each node and how it can be used, and we’ll give special coverage on the Advanced Perlin and Layout generators as well as Macro construction. No philosophy here or long-winded explanations; just functional and practical instruction to help you achieve your goals. Once complete, you’ll also learn how easy it is to take your World Machine creation, texture it, and bring it into the Unity 5 and the Unreal Engine.

At the end of the course, you will not just learn World Machine, you’ll understand how other procedural texturing systems can benefit you.

A licensed copy of World Machine is not required! Download here:



Section 1

  • Download Required Course Content

Section 2: The User Interface

  • User Interface Overview
  • Navigating the Device View
  • Rendering the Terrain
  • Generators: What do they Do?
  • All About the Layout Generator
  • Advanced Perlin Generator In-Depth
  • Combiners: Blending Procedural Data
  • Filters: Manipulating Terrain Data
  • Natural: Applying Nature’s Effects to Your Terrain
  • Output: Exporting Terrain Data
  • Selectors: Masking for Effect
  • Converters: Generating New Data
  • Parameters and Flow: Driving the Procedural Inputs
  • Tools and Favorites: Workflow Enhancements
  • Getting the Scale Right: Setting Extents and Resolution

Section 3: Building the Alpine Terrain

  • Creating the Shape
  • Developing the Ground
  • Adding Small Details
  • Fundamentals of Coloring the Terrain
  • Creating Macros for Frequently Used Graphs
  • Final Color Techniques
  • Using Textures in World Machine

Section 4: Exporting World Machine Data

  • Setting Up the Splat Map and Export
  • World Machine to Unity Pipeline

Section 5: Last Thoughts

  • Included Scenes and Techniques in World Machine


Justin Draper via gives it 5 stars:

“After seeing Peter’s awesome terrains on the Unity store, and then realizing that he had a world machine course out, it was a no brainer for me! His experience in environment design really shines through here. The course itself is extremely thorough while being easy to follow. The pace is also just right – not too slow to be boring, and not too fast that a beginner would get left in the dust. Do yourself a favor and take this course. There is nothing comparable out there that I’ve found, and even if you’re a seasoned WM user, you will still learn something Huge thanks to the instructor for creating this course!”