Free Download – Wall

While working on my art projects, there is always significant time spent on learning how to do something better. There are many many different approaches to take when creating an art asset, so artists have to take some time to determine the best way to go.

For example, I need to make a modular wall. Since it’s modular, it can be rotated so you can see all the sides except the bottom. I also want it to be high quality, so high resolution textures (diffuse and normal) are a requirement. As a personal preference, I want it to be completely seamless and have some depth to it. That’s all screaming Zbrush to me.

After sculpting in zbrush and projecting in xnormal, I get it into Unity and study it under different lighting conditions. In the end, this particular attempt came out too high poly. The textures are high res. Due to each side being unique, the texel density cam out too low for my taste. The topography is messy since I ran it through ProOptimizer in max. Some normals missed during projection..

So after all the R&D on various stuff, I’m eventually left with a mountain of unused work that just sits on a harddrive somewhere. So instead of letting it rot, I figured I would share it. Maybe you can use it or learn from it?

Use it however you wish,but you are not allowed to sell it in any of the digital content stores. That’d be awful.