Rome: Fantasy Pack II

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Continuing the Rome Fantasy Pack series, Rome: Fantasy Pack II brings classical Roman exteriors and interiors to your Triple-A projects. Construct Roman temples and other exteriors from a bevy of modular prefabs and props such as ionic and corinthian columns, statues, elegantly carved friezes, and more. Detail them further with an exhaustive list of options for their interior including friezes, brass decor, even fresco paintings. Combine with Rome: Fantasy Pack I and blow away your audience.

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  • Extensive Modularity; walls, doors, roofs, stairs. Construct your interiors and exteriors using the prefabs, then use the included Combine Mesh editorscript to reduce drawcalls and make it a prefab.
  • Jaw-dropping Materials: Custom-made Roman frescos and mosaic art, many based on their real-life counterparts meticulously reconstructed for use in 3D.
  • Special Shaders: wetness, stains, and even decal shaders. Special effects like puddles can be painted with vertex colors.
  • No Photo-sourced Textures: Rome is built using the cleanest, sharpest material data possible via custom Substance Designer and Substance Painter workflows. No more blurry, high contrast, photo-sourced images that are double compressed and sent through a destructive image process.
  • Artifact-free Normal Mapped Objects: Enjoy beautiful props with clean, custom normal maps from high poly sculpts.
  • Huge Library of Props: Roman furniture, interior and exterior home decor, lighting props, authentic columns, and more.
  • Cultural Detailing: use the 100+ fresco and frieze decals to give your Roman architecture and towns that authentic feel.
  • Area-weighted Normals: get the smoothest geometry and lighting by modified vertex normals.
  • Demo Scene: Of course!
  • Architectural Demo Scenes: Example layouts of interiors and exteriors made using the prefabs included.
  • Unparalled Support: Got issues? Need some help? Shoot me an email using the address at the top. Don’t forget your invoice number as proof of purchase!

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Reference Imagery:

Rome: Fantasy Pack II was inspired by archaeological photography and renderings of the Domus; the house of the upscale Roman in 3rd century Rome. The idea was to make the most garish, colorful interior to show off your wealth and vanity to whomever would walk by your residence on the street. Paint of certain colors was very expensive, particularly purple and red. If you had those on your walls, the people would have an idea of how truly rich you were.

Looking at the pictures and reference imagery and reconciling it with an aesthetically pleasing visual experience seemed to be a challenge. The fresco paintings with their wild color choices doesn’t make for a comfortable, modern aesthetic. So, I endeavored to create the capacity to do both; an authentic but cohesive color harmony exists in Rome Fantasy Pack II.

It’s difficult to recreate a believable and detailed representation of the past with only other artists’ interpretations! Hopefully, you’ll agree that Pack II hits the mark and feels authentic.