Projects That Use My Work

It’s alwyas cool to see my work in a published game. Sometimes I get an email with a link to a game that contains the Urban Construction Pack or some terrain pack for sale on Google Play or the Appstore.

I like seeing how people put that work to use and how it’s showcased. Of course some are better than others. I’m also encouraged when the games’ performance is good too.

Race Stunt Fight 3 using Urban Construction Pack

Race Stunt Fight 3 for Android and iOS is a game that uses quite a bit of my work. Race through cities, mountains and tunnels as you stunt your way to the finish line. This shot uses roads and building from the Urban Construction Pack and terrains from the Alpine Terrain Pack.

Total Parking Uses UCP

Test your vehicle parking skills in this physically-based parking simulator called, “Total Parking.”. Walls, roads, buildings, and guiderails from the Urban Construction Pack are used here.


Drive Sim uses UCP too

 Drive Sim is a first person driving simulator. Controls are simple, but the driving feels natural. It’s fun to use manual transmission, shifting up and down through the turns. Drive Sim uses the Urban Construction Pack.